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Electrical repairs

The risks of attempting home DIY

Some people feel comfortable changing simple light fittings or fuses but it’s one thing to just be flipping a fuse switch compared to complex repairs of faulty wiring or any major electrical work without the expertise of a trained professional. Any electrical repairs should be approached with extreme caution as attempting certain home DIY can be extremely dangerous, to your health and home as well.

These days the internet is often the first port of call when something goes wrong around the house. Online video tutorials cover subjects with a step by step tutorial at your fingertips about how to do pretty much anything.

Non-compliance and electric shock

However, there is a small risk that your repair will be carried out incorrectly and you’ll be left without the use of electricity and in-turn have to pay for an electrician to fix your errors. And the worse outcomes are that a single mistake results in, a serious house fire, a major non-compliance or worse an electric shock causing severe injury or death.

One of the major causes of accidental electrical fires in the home is ageing and faulty wiring. There were nearly forty thousand house fires in the UK In 2013-14, with the main cause of being the misuse of electrical appliances and equipment and appliances. (www.gov.co.uk)

Additionally, it’s a common misconception that the domestic voltage running through household electrical wires isn’t enough to be fatal. This is incorrect. If there is a fault in the line from the transformer to your home it may well be carrying a lot more power than the 240 volts expected; more than enough power to kill.

Regular checks can prevent accidents

There are additional regular checks that can be carried out to help prevent accidents with your appliances:

Regularly check plugs for excessive heat, unusual sounds such as buzzing or crackling and burn marks.

Regularly check the RCD (residual-current device) button on your consumer unit.

Replace any damaged cables immediately and check your appliance flexes and leads for any damage.

Check that fuses in your plug tops of all the electrical appliances in your home have the correct fuse rating.

Professional electrical services

We are a local professional electrical service company with qualified technicians and the right tools. Also, having spent many years recognising where electrical faults may lie and our approved electrical installers complete proper expert repairs. We ensure the job is carried out in the safest of environments with the use of protective equipment and our up to date health and safety qualifications.

The Future-Tec team are happy to offer advice and assist with any electrical problems or concerns about your electrical installation.

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Further reading for electrical inspection, testing and certification:

We are registered and approved with NICEIC and ECA and have a dedicated team of electricians.

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